3 Essentials For Warm Winter

Winter can do a lot of harm when you are not well prepared. The cold and the snow and everything in-between that can be quite tricky and can start to mess with your everyday looks quickly.

Last week we talked about wool, merino, alpaca - the heavenly nature fabrics that not only look good, but keep you warm as well. As you’ll probably spend most of the time in your charming coat or warm winter jacket, make it an investment and choose quality.

For the first recommendation we chose Monitaly Riders Coat. We are totally hooked! It was originally designed to be a military motorcycle coat, but improved to achieve a perfect balance of shoulder, chest and waist volume. A beautiful and structuring A shape look, amazing quality and a modern cut. This one is definitely not a basic essential, but we recommend you to jump over your shadow and why not to try something more colourful for this winter after all? Add a pair of Edwin Jeans and you are good to go.

Striped Riders Coat Brown - Monitaly

We didn’t think twice for our second pick, which is Wolverine Addison Boot in tan colour, the pale tone of brown. This pair is crafted with such detail, leaving it to be the cornerstone of the collection. Now this is something essential for the winter, made in America and featuring the top quality. Leather lets you breathe and keep you warm and dry, so simple and pleasing.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots Buy them here

Another yes goes to vests. No fooling around here either and go for 100% cotton options. Wear it tone in tone with your whole outfit or mix and match with different contrasts. Vest gives you another layer to keep you warm and change your more laid-back look to sharp business look in seconds.

You choose, but we recommend Manifattura Ceccarelli's in house line. Our favourite Italian company with the finest materials.





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