5 Ways To Keep Your Clothes Like New

September always feels like it is the beginning of a new year. Back to school, back to work, new promises and new goals. Fall after summer brings a new rhythm to daily life and new ways of thinking, I guess it is perfectly timed to create new habits and become better in small things as well. After all, big changes start with small actions. So why not to take control of your clothes and make them last longer and look better. Whether you’re a crazy fashionista or not, you probably like money more in your pocket than exchanging your outworn clothing to new ones in a blink.

So here are tips for making your clothes last!

1# Start with Clean Storage Habits

Following basic fundamentals first is the ultimate key to do everything successfully. So, start with the way you store your clothing. This can be a major change as messy storage can make your clothing look misshapen, damaged and outworn in just weeks.

 So, fold your shirts by colors in shelves or invest in nice hangers. Organize your trousers and jeans separately and fold them in the shelve for easy pickup. Nothing worse than trousers that look unfit and worn-out!

PS: dry your T-shirts after a gentle wash on the hanger, it will leave no wrinkles and needs no ironing.

 #2 Pay Attention To Laundering

Ugh, that unnecessary little book on the neck or down the side seam of your shirt... No no no, this is the little helper which gives you exact instructions on how to look nice and stay nice.

If you are not a friend of hand-wash and line-drying, avoid clothing that requires more specialized care. Dry-cleaning once in a while gives your clothing a fresh kick as well.

The easiest tips to remember are:

Wash your clothing inside-out!

Wash your clothes as rarely as possible (practice good hygiene instead)!

Wash in cold water!

#3 Don’t use plastic 

We recommend not to store your items in plastic garment bags, but switch them to natural materials instead. Plastic interacts with the fabric which can weaken it or damage the color. Natural garments, such as cotton, will keep your clothing humid and keep them breathing.

#4 Zippers and Button

Loose zippers can snag delicate clothing and scratch your washer. One a loose zipper in the washer will cause no harm, but doing it constantly can make your clothing look old and cause holes. Make sure they’re all the way up.

Buttons, on the other hand, need to be opened! Washing a button-down shirt with the buttons fastened can damage the buttons and rip the buttonholes.


#5 Buy Quality Clothing

 As mentioned before, the basics are the key. Buy fabrics that last longer and really create a meaning to your wardrobe selection. It’s nicer to have less, but have quality. An organized and clean closet will leave room for more creativity to mix and match your items. Often the item you are craving to buy is already there.

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