7 Tracks For The Road By Khmelnitsky

Hitting the road and want to hear some of the hottest tracks available? We got you covered with the help from our good friend Anton Khmelnitsky, scroll down to read more about the rising genius.

Q: You’re a man of many talents, could you tell us about your work and hobbies?

A: Getting better in areas which inspire and spark the fire in me is quite addicting. Lately, I’ve been really into the world of mixing music. Besides to being a DJ, I’m also sort of a hobby photographer & videographer. I try to capture moments where subjects or objects have an edge to them, seem exciting & different. I like how it has come naturally to me as I haven’t gone to school for photography. Basically, it all started a few years back when Katrin Aasmaa asked me to shoot her first collection. And of course, you can also see me in the new store that Guild opened up last week. Couldn’t be more honoured to manage the place.

Q: How did you find your way to mixing music?

A: It all began at a nightclub known as Lekker, nearly every week I found novel sounds and genres that I had never heard of before, nor did I know to search for them. That’s when I started to feel an ever-growing interest towards discovering new music and naturally sharing it with others.

 Q: Who or what has shaped your taste in music?

A: Probably it was my dad who did that, I remember times when I was still quite young and he would listen to drum ’n’ bass on his record player. The artists he used to play are still in my heart, every now and then I throw the vinyls on and let myself sink into the nostalgia. It’s sweet!

And of course, I have to mention my close friends because it’s them who I’m able to share music with and also the special feeling what comes along. It’s amazing how some sounds awaken the inner child in us, everybody knows the feeling when they get attached to some specific note in a song, it seems so weird and natural at the same time.

Q: Do you have any idols in the music industry?

A: I’m not a huge fan of the concept, having idols you know. I rather have an ever-changing list of favourite artists. And there are always more than just one, I feel that they have to be in the rotation as my taste is in a constant change. Lately, I’ve been surfing the wave where Fort Romeau, Pional, Lauer, Ross From Friends and many others are the source of my inspiration.

Q: Good tracks and well-made apparel, are they equally inspiring for you?

A: Absolutely. The most interesting part between these two is that people are often biased towards different music genres and their followers. It’s wrong in my opinion and I feel the need to change it. Why couldn’t I dress up like a noble prince and still be listening to trap or minimal techno?

If clothes have been made with purpose and heart then they will bring out the best in the person wearing them, it just adds the spice which lets your character walk on its own beat. I know what I’m talking about as I’ve felt it myself. The feeling is out of this world, the excitement takes your confidence game to the next level.

Q: Is it possible to change the world to a better place thanks to them?

A: I do believe so, as clothes are probably the easiest route to expressing yourself just the way you like. Lets in the warm feeling of freedom. And music, it’s the universal language that knows no boundaries so it’s understood around the globe. You can change a lot with the help of these two.

Q: Road trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A: Greenland. 

Q: What kind of clothing would you take along?

A: There is no doubt that I would go there in my hiking gear. But… there’s always some space for crazy outfits which would be ideal to shoot in the raw wilderness. 

Q: Who would you go with and car of choice?

A: I’d travel there with my girlfriend and some close friends. Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6, just to be sure that all the gear and friends would fit in. But you never know, maybe we’d have to take a second one as well. 

Q: Why did you choose these songs for the playlist?

A: So you could have it all in an hour, cruise down the road by mellow sounds but be ready to hit the throttle when the real beats kick in. It’s designed to let you breathe with one track and enjoy higher pulse with another. 

Q: How did you come across these tracks?

A: Most of the songs I have found through Spotify but there are also the ones that I came across while visiting a music shop called Biit Me. Great place to discover new record labels.  

Q: When listening to these songs, is it more important to focus on every single track or the whole playlist as a cohesive unit?

A: I’d say both of them are important. You could get the emotion from listening to just a single track or enjoy the whole playlist that simply put, takes you for a longer ride.


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