Closet Classics : Aspesi Story And Jackets

The Aspesi brand is a well-kept secret. A brand that has written its own story through minimal and sophisticated collections, with unconventional spirit and the “no-logo” philosophy. It is all made for clients in search of timeless garments

Aspesi S.p.A, founded in Legnano by Alberto Aspesi in 1969, was born as a company specializing in the production of shirts, then emerged themselves as a brand producing casual clothes.

We say casual clothes, yet the brand has a very sophisticated image. The provocative character of Aspesi is evident in the shooting made once by Oliviero Toscani, who portrayed three young boys. They were university students but also abusive sellers of counterfeit products, while wearing down jackets and waterproof suits along with non-original handbags, recognizable by the general public.

Aspesi offers a selection of coats and jackets for gentlemen with different taste. Atacama Clo inspires you with three different varieties of elegant looks for everyday wear.


Aspesi Aeronavale trench coat is mixing elegance and functionality. These are the two keywords when getting dressed from Monday to Sunday. The art of a classical trench coat is the effortlessness it has, hand in hand with wearing it whatever one feels like. Years old t-shirt or brand-new suit, you name it! This coat is exactly meant for a guy who likes to look sharp and well-dressed at the same time. Aspesi Aeronvale is made of water-proof nylon cloth and lined with Thermore, you can survive both in the Nordic moody weather and in the sunny Southern day.

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Magic of the three button navy blazer. A versatile classic for every day. Three button blazer in dark blue will not ask you where you are going or what time will you come home. Wear it with a pair of jeano’s to a night out or have it on for an evening walk. I think we all agree when we say this blazer is irreplaceable for days when you just don’t know what to wear.

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Aspesi New Bob Dry Jacket is always in style. Elegant down jacket with natural warmth. Brown sure is a color you can’t go wrong with. It’s a lightweight jacket for a badass look, hard to find something that comfortable with still in style look. Suitable always for any time of year, probably doesn’t ask either, when or what time are you going out. ;)

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