Difference Between Fast Fashion & Slow Fashion

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Every day is built up on making choices. It’s one’s personal choice, what to put on your skin, where to buy things and where to buy your clothes. It is tempting, that five pieces of clothing from fast fashion brands are for the same price as one or two pieces well-made and from organic and ethical companies. But..

Consider, that a fast fashion bargain isn’t really a bargain when it’s made by a 9-year-old child in Bangladesh. As Lucy Siegle said, Fast fashion isn’t free, someone somewhere is paying.

So to make it very clear, fast fashion is low-cost clothing, full of collections that mimic current luxury fashion trends and produce immense amounts of clothing within just a few days.
Slow fashion in the other hand recognizes the impact, that clothing can make on society. They ensure, that the workers making their clothes are in a safe environment and paid fairly.

Choosing can be difficult and knowing what to buy and from where to buy is a habit one can start slowly, to educate yourself about materials and methods.

The easiest thing you can start with is choosing natural materials. Why? Simple, because your clothing will stay beautiful for much longer time than clothing for one season, made of rayon, nylon, and everything plastic.

Choose locally sourced, organic and recycled materials. Start with cotton, wool, and silk. These will keep you warm, let your skin breathe and never let your looks get worn out.

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Did you know, that creating a t-shirt from scratch needs significant 2720 liters of water? This is just one example. The numbers go so crazy and big that it doesn’t just make sense. Find a t-shirt of cotton and it will be a partner for a long time.

Merging art with crafts, the ambition of GUILD, Estonian based company, is excellence together with ethical change - contemporary yet timeless apparel made of natural materials in a truly harmonious way.
A truly transparent brand with such a bold style and story. Proving in every way how consuming ethical grew from choice to lifestyle. Be a part of the change, of something bigger.

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Sustainable living is a test for even the best of us. But one has to understand, that awareness is the key. Take time to build new habits and do your research. After all, it’s not only about you, it’s about everyone’s well-being.

So is there a way out?

Where did this cycle begin and where does it end?

As the impact of social media, blogs and the personalization of websites by brands themselves have created this hectic need and desire to have everything now, at your door and very cheaply, consumers have grown into a voracious appetite for more.

Rome wasn’t built in a day so start slowly, start with your mindset and everything else will follow.

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