Pushing Boundaries-Atacama Clothing

It used to be four seasons in a year, now it may be up to 11, 15 or more. Fashion cycles are moving faster than ever, new styles and trends pop up daily.

We see flower prints in spring and trench coats in autumn, but do we see the amount of over produced clothing going into waste?

As customers want more and more with each day, manufacturers must push their boundaries. In order to survive in this highly competitive industry, one must understand the corners of clothing industry overall.

Clothes are something what we wear every day, it is important to offer value and available price. By value meaning transparent system behind producing process, customer service communication, from brands history to future aspects. This circle isn’t easy, yet worth its cost.

Timeless style & priceless quality is equally important for every gentleman’s and woman’s wardrobe. Atacama’s voice speaks in the language of changing values - from fast to lifetime, from high prices to daily sales, from garbage to quality.

Atacama Clothing was born in Estonia, from a desire to help smaller and bigger brands become more available – to acknowledge! We want to invite you to dive into the world of handmade shoes, raw denim history and learn how clothing is made in small factories, many which can be found from Italy. All this and more is spectacular, every brand has its story to tell and elegance to offer.

As we want to fight against over consuming, Atacama Clothing focuses on offering our customers limited-edition in limited amount, products and goods from different brands stock. As mentioned, trends pop up daily, contemporary style is still made of the history of elegance and classic cuts. It is our honour to work with brands around the word to offer special products made up to 17 years ago, still untouched. We want to encourage our customers to be diverse, in one’s style and mind both. Idea is to have sugar and spice, to mix and match, to find brands from all over the word. We keep our selections varied.

Providing pure materials, fits and variations from leading international and growing labels combines together Atacama Clothing. Clothing with a reputation for being indestructible, just as the soil of the Atacama’s desert, which has been compared to that of Mars. Hopefully we can confirm it soon, Elon ;)!

Curated, managed and served by an independent team of tireless souls, inspired to always seek for more! Second to none, we provide our customers excellent care with high precision.

To dress is also to impress. Use this power well and join the lifestyle of new habits and endless curiosity!


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