How To Style Autumn/Winter Menswear Highlights?

Sportswear, logomania, ugly-sneakers and crazy western style-these were only some of the craziest characteristics of fall/winter runway style trends. But as the trends and craziness of each runway surprises us with something new each season, it can get hard to follow everything if you aren’t really a full-time fashion lover.
So how to stay modern yet true to timeless classics and your personal style? We are thinking twisted-classics and daring pieces which will keep you safe for longer than 1 trendy season. These are for lifetime.

Hot-spotted straight from the runway  #1Western look

A lot of designers seem to want us all to get on the saddle and hit the next horse show in town. We have nothing against a little wild so here is a pair of Levis 519 Bedord Trousers, in light cotton, known as the Californian pant. Developed in the early 1960s, this causal corduroy pant needs no more effort than a casual black cotton T-shirt and you are good to go.

#2 Checks

The more, the better. An oversized long coat in full checks paired with classic flannel shirt gives you a charming off-duty look.

#3 Statement camels

Shades of brown is the highlight of outwear, giving you a look of warm and vibrant. A camel coat is a highly stylish piece, but as we said, have a bit of dare. Wear Aspesi Aeronavale trench coat for everyday duties but for a statement look dress in Golden Bear Portrero jacket, for sure.

#4 Leather Jackets

Ideal for people who prefer a much bolder appearance. Adding a 70’s-looking-leather-jacket to a modern outfit will make your look effortlessly cool. The Monitaly Raglan Zipper jacket is inspired by the iconic American varsity jacket. For a full badass-biker look go for a Simmons Bilt cherry red jacket.

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