Pitti Uomo 93: Shifting Between Past & Future

Pitti Uomo is well-known for its dressed up dandies and smooth sprezzatura, but with years passing the dress code has been in a change where casual streetwear is being more present. Thanks to the new winds Japanese are soaring high, combining cuts from the past with materials meant for the future.

Imagine an old dusty suit taken apart - trousers are tapered, shoulder pads and most of the lining are removed plus couple of functional pockets are added, voila you have a cut that is up to date. Now comes the interesting part, Japanese mills are working at a whole other level producing some of the finest fabrics in the world. First thing that might come to mind is its fantastic denim scene but it’s advancement in the technology of man-made fabrics is as impressive.

Brands are working closely with the mills to achieve exactly what is needed, that means fabrics are crafted from scratch with a certain goal in mind. Japanese brand called Teätora is one of the leaders in this field, they’re producing workwear for the 21st century man. All the products are designed to be functional in the urban jungle where most of the people are living. Long hours in the office and sudden temperature drops outside have all carefully been taken into account, clothes have to be adaptive to the environment.

At the same time it’s pleasure to see the fashion side of the business as well, it’s in the never ending circle where trends come and go. After a decade of skinny fitting clothes, loose garments are back to stay. Clothes are modified to be more comfortable while still keeping their elegance. Lush fabrics such as velvet and corduroy are go to choices. Less bulky and softer to touch, they remind the times of golden 1970s, just a little more refined.

Pitti Uomo 93 was intriguing from buyers perspective, times are changing and so is fashion. Past and future are mingling in their own beat, creating an interesting platform for the designers to cultivate their endless ideas.


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