Easy-Breezy-Summer-Cocktails at TaiBoh

In the heat of the easy-breezy-summer-cocktail season, we spent an evening in a 150-year-old pharmacy, located in the old town of Tallinn.
Taking it back to 1881, a house with a history, it sure does leave a man breathless. Crazy ass old-school artist Soho Fond, who swings between Estonia and Bali, sure did outperform himself by creating as psychedelic place as Tai Boh is. It is an unbelievable mixture of Indian authentic art, Asian fusion food, and hectic chaos of furniture- everything spectacular. Even the staff says: “After years of working here, we still discover details on ceilings and walls the eye hasn’t caught just yet.”

As there is just a lot to see and handle, we decided to take a minute and rest our minds in the bar. A twist of lemon and chilled Martini wouldn’t hurt, we kept thinking classical. But it would be just a pity to ignore the cocktail list this restaurant has to offer.

We started with a Mama San. The idea of this cocktail is to understand the cornerstones, precisely in the understanding of the relationships between strong and weak, sour and sweet. 'Strong' refers to the main alcohol component of the drink, such as whiskey, 'weak' means the lesser alcoholic beverages, some lime, and peach this time; 'sour' to citrus and 'sweet' for sugar and syrups. Took this one for a walk from the crazy aesthetic jungle- terrace up to the main area of the restaurant.

“Everything you see can be yours.” While still being blown away by the bold and straightforward artworks around the place, a staff member informed us. “Just make an offer, everything is for sale.”

Another cocktail was ordered and this time it’s Yuzu Basil. One could spend hours there, shopping for unique, no-one-else has kind of masterpieces, enjoying spices and herbs from both bar and kitchen. Every single detail has its own story and meaning, as everything seems random, it clearly is not.

Simplicity has its perks but organized chaos this time works much better, now we are going for the Mega Vegan. Trendy, catchy and my god how summer-ish. It’s gin with a hint of hibiscus, Rose Lemonade, and the favorite Italian Aperol. Could a drink get more Instagram-friendly? Probably yes, but this one nailed every principle.

The art of a successful night out is put together in small details. Starting from a well-dressed man to the charming bartender who knows how to offer a drink, from art to culture and just a damn good atmosphere.

Midsummer in the city filled with occasional, or not so occasional summer-siestas keeps getting better. No place takes more pride in having the coolest interior in town than Tai Boh. Gentlemen, we rounded up the best in their class, but keep in mind your classy look while hitting the town. As always, everything great lies in details.

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