Shipping to Estonia takes about 1-2 days.
Shipping to Latvia and Lithuania takes about 1-3 days.
Shipping to Finland takes about 2-3 days.
Shipping to Sweden takes about 3-4 days.
Shipping to other EU countries with DHL Courier Standard takes about 4-8 days and 1-2 days with DHL Courier Express service.   

  • Please note that shipments are put on their way from Monday until Friday.
  • Purchases made on Saturday & Sunday will be shipped out on Monday.                                                                             


In Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania we use Omniva Parcel Machines; Omniva Pick-Up Points or Omniva Courier Standard services. Matkahuolto Pick-Up Points are the solution for customers in Finland and PostNord Pic-Up Points serve heritage fans in Sweden. DHL Courier Standard and DHL Courier Express are a link between YOU and us in Europe & non-EU countries.

  • Please note that Omniva Parcel Machines; Omniva Pick-Up Points; Matkahuolto Pick-Up Points; and PostNord Pick-Up Points are selected automatically and your goods will be delivered to the closest pick-up point or parcel machine.


Omniva Parcel Machine in Estonia 2,72€;

Omniva Pick-Up Point in Estonia 4,14€

Omniva Courier Standard in Estonia 4,40€

Omniva Parcel Machine in Latvia 6,20€;

Omniva Courier Standard in Latvia 8,10€

Omniva Parcel Machine in Lithuania 7,00€

Omniva Courier Standard in Lithuania 8,70€

Finland Matkahuolto - Pick-Up Point 8,20€

Sweden PostNord - Pick-Up Point 9,30€;

Other EU countries: DHL - Courier Standard 12,35€

Other EU countries: DHL - Courier Express 28€;

Non-EU countries: DHL - Courier Standard 24,00€;

Non-EU countries: DHL - Courier Express 75€

In non-EU countries, customs duties and related costs may apply.

If you cannot find the desired country in the selection offered by us when placing your order, please contact our customer support.